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Has never known herself as anything but empowered perhaps because she was blessed from the start when the Hindu god Lakshmi came to her mother in a dream and told her mom she was having a baby girl. The doctor affirmed it the very next day.

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When Jamie was born on the island of Trinidad in the West Indies, it was clear there was something special, something different about her. They named her after Jaime Sommers, the Bionic Woman—strong, audacious, able to overcome anything. She would say and see things that were “beyond” her years and understanding. Her hair grew in an unusual way, forming in a circular “cap” formation around her head—almost like a nest—such that her mother couldn’t comb it. It was so unusual they took her to a guru who said that this signified wisdom and holiness and only someone who was a Hindu pundit (priest) should be permitted to cut it.

Jamie’s parents saw her potential and yet they never let on that there was anything special about her until she was older. They simply told her that she would continue to discover her own power.

Although she had become a confident, empowered woman, Jamie noticed that relationships were still a challenging area for her. Like many young women, she had developed a Romeo & Juliet-fantasy-world-brings-you-flowers-treats-you-like-a-queen expectation of how a relationship should look, so if that didn’t happen, she felt like something was wrong with her. She would look for an outside source to try to fulfill that something-missing in herself.

Still, through several failed relationships she was an interested observer of herself and others.
She was hungry for learning: Why is love missing?

Then one day Jamie found herself in a dark place. “I wanted him more than he wanted me,” she remembers kneeling on the floor, so devastated and wanting to hang onto the relationship, clinging so tightly, being so lonely and suffering through it.

“I am not a religious person,” Jamie says, “but I am spiritual, and I looked around and there was this bible.” And what happened next would alter everything.

Words and phrases began popping into her head. She reached for the book. “I would give you beauty for ashes.” There was some kind of hope pulling her to the pages. A light started to shine there. “What was meant for your harm I would use and turn it to your advantage.” The phrases came fast and clear to her mind before she could flip to another page.

She grabbed a notepad and a pen. Something was happening. Divine inspiration? She started to write. And before she knew it, seven steps had been created just channeled through her and this became the foundation for her first book: Breakthrough.

And in this miraculous moment, she was also able to transform herself in the relationship, from misery, despair, and victimhood to total love and forgiveness and readiness to move on powerfully.

Out of this profound personal experience Jamie became even more fascinated by relationships and started talking to couples about successful marriages and relationships, long-term and short-term. One of the most surprising findings of her research has been the success of celibacy among certain couples and communities and also understanding the more mature, European concept of relationship vs. the American idea of romantic love in which there is more tendency towards “ownership” and attachment.

She also takes great delight in interviewing couples who’ve been together for many years who sound like they’ve just gotten together who are still “sparking” in their relationships. Through others’ interactions, Jamie discovers more of herself, and through her own decade of coursework, research, interviews, and personal transformation, she makes a bold promise that her programs will deliver on:

End relationship suffering now!


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