Areas of Expertise

#1 Jamie’s needy to worthy story

Jamie Hirsch

After failing at multiple relationships, Jamie Hirsch picked up a bible, let go of her relationship and started a new life based on all the wisdom she gained. Using the unconventional lessons she learned from books, seminars, mentors and the Bible, she gradually built a Breakthrough course that helps those in troubled relationship overcome mental blocks and live a Breakthrough minded life. The Jamie Show. Highly motivational and sensationally entertaining, Jamie Hirsch’s recipes for success are chock-full of real life lessons. Not to be missed!

#2 Transforming beliefs in 24 hours or less

Jamie Hirsch built the only 7 step course and allows you to get over a breakup in 24 hours or less and she did it by choosing the right beliefs. Jamie shares her best strategies for getting you motivated and moving forward, for selecting the right people and firing the wrong ones, for creating an atmosphere of fun, and for forging ahead when the chips are down. Jamie’s unique and practical lessons will help divorcees, single, married and those in troubled relationships take their relationships and life to the next level.

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Jamie’s Bio

Jamie Hirsch is an author, a keynote speaker, a businesswoman, an up-lifter, philanthropist and encourager. As a Breakthrough coach, Jamie helps individuals transform their lives through her programs and services.

She has a passion for inspiring others to find their power within and stop searching for it from the outside.

Jamie is on a mission to bring out the best in others, to uplift, inspire and give. To inspire others to find breakthroughs in relationships that hold them back from going further in life. She believes that we should not be concerned or hold on to anyone who walked away from us, “let them go” she says.

As a philanthropist, Jamie is also passionate about helping children and less privilege by contributing her time and resources to multiple organizations.


“Jamie excites and inspires with her success stories. She is personable and energetic and our attendees thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hear from her and meet her!”

-Mary Parker, Community Director, Women of the World Conference

“Jamie brings a priceless level of charm, humor, and intelligence. She has the ability to inspire and connect deeply with her audience. Everyone left the session with great excitement to put Jamie’s takeaways into practice”

-Caroline Butcher, Citrus Country Activities Director, Citrus Women Club

I have never had as many compliments on one speaker as I have had with Jamie Hirsch! She is genuine and unaffected by her success. Her authenticity resonates with any audience. Most of all, she’s a hoot! Jamie is thoroughly entertaining and had our audience talking for days beyond her keynote speech. Hire Jamie Hirsch again? I can’t wait!”
—Ellen Perkman, President, Apex Marketing

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