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Here Is How Bob Got Over A BreakUp Within 24 Hours

What Breakthrough Students Say

Breakthrough allowed me to find myself by first focusing on my needs. I was able to easily let go. In fact, I believe Breakthrough is the single most powerful Breakthrough envisioning system in existence today (and I’ve seen a lot).

Kara Freeman

Breakthrough really allowed me to see deeper into what was holding me back from letting go of a toxic relationship that was not good for my well being. I am now able to make progress because I have a better understanding of who I am.


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  • At a very early age, you might have acquired a fear of being rejected and unloved. Most us experience this fear throughout our lives, and it is so easy to let that fear take away our self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence
  • Is it difficult to get back? My answer is NO, it is not! And I can teach you how to do it
  • In this 7 WEEK course, I will show you how to:

Based on a 4-year study of over 300 individuals


About Jamie Hirsch

Jamie Hirsch is an author, a keynote speaker, a businesswoman, an up-lifter, philanthropist and encourager. As a Breakthrough coach, Jamie helps individuals transform their lives through her programs and services.

She has a passion for inspiring others to find their power within and stop searching for it from the outside.

Jamie is on a mission to bring out the best in others, to uplift, inspire and give. To inspire others to find breakthroughs in relationships that hold them back from going further in life. She believes that we should not be concerned or hold on to anyone who walked away from us, “let them go” she says.

As a philanthropist, Jamie is also passionate about helping children and the less privilege by contributing her time and resources to multiple organizations.

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I was able to attract the perfect partner by doing all the lessons required in this course! I’m happily married and life is much more beautiful with someone who loves and accepts me for who I am.

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